Communities, education and Replastico2

On our garments and accessories you can see a print of plastic waste collaged together. 

Collages were created by Replastico2, and then reworked by us to prints that were transferred on garments and accessories.

Replastico2 is the first Lithuanian brand that connects craft design, plastic waste, communities and placemaking.

Laura is an artist who is the main person behind Replastico2. Among other activities Laura creates artful collages from actual plastic bags, packaging and other waste. Also, she educates and shares with the community her methods and approach to waste, upcycling and creating added value.

For more visit Laura's website.

We at House of Maxplay want to encourage this type of approach - connecting people, sharing knowledge, building communities and spreading care towards our environment.

We feel very honored and grateful to be collaborating with Replastico2!