About the garments that we make

Our clothes and accessories could be worn when you do both, work and play, or simply for creative mood at your everyday game.

The tops are made from very soft and stretchy material. They feel buttery next to the skin, and allow you to move freely. The scarfs flow very delicately.

All items are meant to hug the body and make you feel comfortable.

With care 

We focus on natural and biodegradable materials and strive to avoid synthetic materials derived from fossil fuels. The materials that we currently use are:

- silk (for our scarves and scrunchies), because we wanted to create luxurious and long lasting accessories with a print looking its best on them,

- lyocell (for all our tops), because it is not a synthetic fiber made from fossil fuels, but a man-made one made from wood pulp in a closed loop system. 

We cut and sew everything in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our hangtags are made from recycled paper.

The tags sewn to the garments are made from cotton (usually polyester is used). We chose cotton as it does not shed microplastic when washed and is biodegradable.

In addition, elastics used for our scrunchies are made from natural rubber and organic cotton. 

True things 

It is important for us to stray true to self and honest in respect of what we do and say, hence our company's legal name "Gražu ir nuoga" (translated from Lithuanian with the meaning of "Beautiful (and) when naked").

We feel most engaged to do what we do when we present ourselves the way we are, i.e. naked, with ambition to develop, take action and learn from mistakes.

We are committed to rethinking and improving our materials and methods with human and environmental issues in mind.